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A background painter, color designer, and illustrator all about using vibrant lighting to capture every day moments. Currently the Background Painting Supervisor on 'Solar Opposites' Season 5. 

Residing in sunny Southern California, my time is spent loving my plants, baking mall-style pretzels, and pretending I'll find time to play the newest video games.

Solar Opposites - Season 4, Background Painting Supervisor

Nickelodeon - Loud House Season 7 - Freelance Background Painter
Warner Bro's - A Steve Urkel Story - Feature, Freelance Color Designer 

ShadowMachine - Color Designer, Background Painter

Nickelodeon - Loud House Shorts - Background Painter, Color Designer

Solar Opposites Season 3 - Background Painter

Rick and Morty Season 5 - Freelance Background Painter

Solar Opposites Season 2 - Background Painter, Color Designer
Alike Studios - Visual Development 

Webtoons - Colorist

Warner Bros. Animation Group Mentorship


Want to get in touch? Toss me an email!


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